1. Respect your Dojo. Bow when you enter and bow when you exit.

2. Respect your Instructors. Bow whenever you see them, in or out the dojo.

3. Loyalty to your club, art and instructors.

4. Wear proper uniform during practice.

5. No eating, chewing, smoking inside the dojo. No talking, joking, laughing when in session.

6. Observe morality, bring good name to the art and club. Be humble. Do not show-off your art.

7. Practice patience, courtesy and courage. No sparring, unless supervise.

8. Students are not allow to teach without permission from instructors.

9. Remove all jewelry during practice. Avoid long fingernails and toenails.

10. Any comment and or suggestions, approach instructors. Remember your monthly and yearly obligation to the club.

Here are some of the Techniques that i learned in CHI DIAN BUN

1. Insertion of Low Kicks in a close distance
2. Circles and Diagonals
3. Understanding about Gravity
4. Understanding about Distances
5. Most of the Attacks came from the Rear and Starts Action in Left
6. Illusion Techniques (what you see is not)
8. Borrowing / Returning of Forces
9. 20 Elbows (i learn only 10 elbows)
11. Pushing Hands
12. Throwing / Falling / Iron Palming
13. Kia Be Se (Horse Riding Stance before practice)
14. Rib Cage Attack
15. 6 Simultaeneously Hand Attacks
16. The 2 types of Eye Finger Striking
17. Long, Short, Ultra-Short hand attacks
18. Coiling Hands
19. The Seven Elements plus One
20. THE 37 Alphabets of Fist..... (to produce words, sentences, etc)
21. The Iron Skin
22. The 4 Jings
23. Iron Forearm
24. Using of Defense as Offense
25. Against the Rule Application
26. Using of Blocks as Strikes
27. Killing Machine
28. Hik Tai Chiae Kun Kiam (Hik Tai Chi Chuan Jian Straight Sword)

and there are many more..... i'm sorry i forgot, i never practice anymore..... right now i'm busy on my work job....
and i dont know if my few classmates of this kok sut art still practicing - maybe not anymore....
because this kok sut art is not for commercialize therefore the art never pass to others..... people now are very busy for work...


Chi Dian Bun Kok Sut Kun has some similarities compare to Wing Chun, Ngo Cho Kun, Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chiae Kun), Choy Li Fut and Shaolin's Tiger/Arhat's Boxing...

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